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Slots The Winning Strategies Series James Coburn Video


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The Winning Strategies Series: SLOTS WITH VIDEO POKER - Hosted By James Coburn!

Based on the winning methods of best selling gambling author Frank Scoblete.

Series Title: The Winning Strategies Series
Name: Slots with Video Poker
•1996 Atlas Media Corp. & Goldhil Home Media
•Format: VHS
•Running Time: 40 Minutes
•Includes: Cardboard Slipcase
•UPC: 734352007332
•Condition: New in Factory Sealed Plastic

Discover the Tips, Tricks and Techniques you need to
Dramatically Increase your chances of Hitting it Big!

As a favorite American pastime, gambling is hotter than
ever. From Las Vegas to Atlantic City the gaming industry
is on a roll. Hollywood legend James Coburn, the star of
over fifty films including Maverick, In Like Flint, Eraser and
The Nutty Professor, takes you behind-the-scenes into the
exciting world of SLOTS-where you'll learn the essential
information needed to maximize your odds.

Based on the work of leading gambling expert and best-
selling author Frank Scoblete, (Guerrilla Gambling," "Break
The One Armed Bandits!," "Beat The Craps Out Of The
groundbreaking, completely legal, "casino-busting methods"
designed to make you a better, smarter Slots player.

Through clear demonstrations and colorful graphics, you'll
be amazed to discover:

•How Slots Work
•Which Machines to Play - and Which to Avoid!
•The Best Basic Strategies
•Where to Find the Highest Paybacks
•Money Management Techniques That Will Stretch Your Playing Time - Not Your Risk
•The Secrets of "Play-Through," "Go-Down," and "Percentage Play" Techniques
•Popular Myths About Slots
•Best Strategies For Video Poker
•PLUS: How to Maximize Comps!