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Secrets Of WWII The Amazing Colonel Doolittle Video


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Secrets Of WWII: The Amazing Colonel Doolittle!

Series Title: Secrets of WWII
Name: The Amazing Colonel Doolittle
•1999 Time Life Video & BBC Worldwide
•Format: VHS
•Running Time: 50 Minutes, Color & B/W
•Includes: Cardboard Slipcase
•ISBN: 076760329X
•UPC: 764315072137
•Condition: New in Factory Sealed Plastic

You probably know the History, now discover the incredible
SECRETS OF WORLD WAR II. Through this exciting series,
you have Top-Level clearance to previously unseen Military
Footage-Both in Black and White and Color. Newly declassified
information, Vivid Re-Creations and revealing firsthand accounts.
Uncover the daring deeds, ingenious Plots and Amazing escapes
that helped shape the outcome of the 20th-Century's greatest

THE AMAZING COLONEL DOOLITTLE: On the morning of April 18,
1942, Lieutenant Colonel Jimmy Doolittle led a squadron of twin-
engine B-25 Mitchell bombers from the U.S. carrier Hornet on a top-
secret mission to bomb Tokyo. The daring raid, lauched four months
after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, won him a Congressional
Medal of Honor and made him a national hero. But just two years later,
his serious lapse in judgment put the Allied invasion of Europe in
jeopardy and nearly ruined his military career. Now, from World War
I flying fearless test maverick air force commander,
follow the remarkable life of The Amazing Colonel Doolittle.

Witness Doolittle's early world speed record attempt in a "flying barrel."
See why German Officials showed him the Luftwaffe's most advanced
planes and fighting techniques on the eve of World War II. Find out how
the sudden appearance of two Japanese ships drastically altered the
plans for the raid over Tokyo. Then discover why Doolittle, as commander
of the U.S. 8th Air Force, dropped the secret of D-Day into the hands of the
Nazis...just days before the Normandy Invasion.